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Kelly creates unique, liveable, and delightful homes on the Sunshine Coast

for people who value good design

"Kelly definitely stood out

from the rest"



We had never built before and when meeting potential architects Kelly definitely stood out from the rest. Despite being a relatively “young” architecture firm Kelly came with a large portfolio of impressive work that left us knowing she could turn our ideas into a perfect home.  Our seemingly never-ending list of “needs and wants” was converted into a practical and beautiful design. Comments and changes were warmly welcomed but Kelly was sure to let us know when something wasn’t a practical (or sensible) option.


Kelly guided us through the process of design, tendering and building and made sure our project was finished to the quality we desired and the standard she expects – redesign and redrawing to improve functionality or outlook was never a problem.


Kelly was always available for questions or concerns from us or the builder, she responded quickly and succinctly with practical solutions that worked for everyone. As a result we have a wonderful home for our family that has surpassed all our expectations and we are forever grateful.

Stuart Jaana

"I love my home more

each day"

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Peregian Beach

After meeting with several highly successful architects, I chose to work with Kelly because she evidenced a ready understanding of my brief, and communicated in a calm and relaxed manner.  As my involvement in the design and building process progressed, I became more comfortable making suggestions or querying decisions. Kelly always listened and explained any pros and cons. It was never a clash of egos, but rather a joint effort to achieve the best outcome. 


In realising my dream, Kelly initially observed and listened, and then designed a beautiful and unique extension that captures my vision, the views and the breezes; and affords privacy and comfort while meeting my needs with practical and elegant solutions. My builders were tops, but frankly, without Kelly’s guidance through the building process, I would have been overwhelmed. Her attention to detail was very helpful at key times. In a lengthy and stressful endeavour like a renovation, relationships can be tested. I appreciated that Kelly remained calm and focused at all times. 


The best recommendation I can give for Kelly is that I love my home more each day. If I look back over my wish list for the renovation, it is there in black and white that my dreams became reality in the creation of this quietly stunning bespoke home. Like many, I had reservations about working with an architect: mainly related to cost and loss of control. But with Kelly I found that the application of her creativity and skills, allied to a clear understanding of my brief, led to an outcome I couldn’t be happier with.

Kelly was simply indispensable. 


2022 AIA
Regional Commendation

"We are extremely grateful to have found Kelly"

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Sunshine Beach

When we started our renovation at Sunshine Beach we were working overseas and needed a reliable and professional architect as well as someone who could manage the end-to-end process in our absence. Kelly was that person. She helped us to settle on some design principles and then worked with us throughout the process to ensure our ideas and parameters were incorporated into the initial design and throughout construction. She was able to guide us on features and ideas which kept the project to within our budget. 


We are not experienced renovators and Kelly really provided professional advice and comfort throughout.  From the architectural aspects to the fundamentals of permitting, contracting and building.  She guided us through the process and managed the entire contracting and management process which was an enormous help.


Today we have a whole new level of useable and stylish space in our home which our family didn’t have before. We love it and we are extremely grateful to have found Kelly

Trina + Nick

What people say


Greatfx Constructions Pty Ltd.

I have been working with Kelly for 11 years including during her capacity as Associate Director at Base Architecture. During this time I’ve found Kelly extremely easy to work with and she has a unique pro-active approach in streamlining building processes along with extracting the most out of the design and leading her projects with a ‘Can Do’ attitude. Kelly’s drawings and documentation are 1st class being easily understood and presented in a clear manner so as all site contractors can easily understand and work to.

     Kelly has a warm friendly persona and is an absolute pleasure to work with which is evident during site meetings between all affected parties.

     I look forward to working on any of her projects in the future.


Diverse Building P/L

I’ve had the privilege of working with Kelly on a few projects now and I can highly recommend her expertise and professionalism when dealing with the drawings and specifications that she provides for me, as a builder to work with, and for the client to interpret and understand easily. Kelly is very easy to work with and works openly with clients and builders requirements. Kelly is always available to have discussions with clients and builders to problem solve any queries the builder or client may have.

I highly recommend Kelly Martin Architecture for all levels of service requirements from small additions and renovation to high-end architectural builds.


Nicholls Building Pty Ltd.

I have worked with Kelly on several projects over the years. I have always found Kelly to be great to work with as she has a great understanding of the building process, whilst having the client's ideals in mind.

She has always been able to find a resolution when it comes to working within budgetary constraints, as well as councils design limitations. Kelly has a real interest in the whole build process, demonstrated by site visits whenever needed.

I would confidently recommend Kelly Martin Architecture to anyone.

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