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Kelly Martin Architect

Are we the right fit?

There are only two key elements to a successful client-architect relationship, and you may be surprised to know that they have nothing to do with architecture!


  • We’re on the same page

While it’s not a personality competition, we really do need to click. If you don’t think I understand you, your project or you just don’t like me, I promise I won’t be offended.

We need to be able to work together harmoniously throughout the process so it's crucial that you feel comfortable with your architect.

  • We're both passionate about your project

Building or renovating a home is probably one of the biggest financial and emotional projects one can undertake and that's why you deserve to work with an architect who cares about the outcome as much as you do. 


Let's be honest, you can't fake passion so choose an architect who is as excited about your project as you are.

How do I know I'm ready to engage an Architect?

There is a misconception out there that there is only one correct sequence of events that needs to take place before you start working with an architect .


While it's true, you do need some essentials in place before you do engage someone to start the design - namely a site and brief -that doesn't mean that your first conversations with an architect need to be remotely formal or resolved.

I've had numerous casual conversations with people trying to flesh out what it is they are trying to achieve, whether that be building a new home or contemplating a renovation. Let me be your sounding board and in return, you'll gain confidence in your project and clarity in the next step to take.


I'm an advocate for educating you on the potential of your project.  


A well-informed client is someone who has a clear idea about what they want their project to achieve (for example, forever home or investment) has realistic expectations of what their budget can allow for and understands the time commitment involved to produce a well-executed project.  If you're still trying to figure that all out, then rest assured I'm here to help. 

Good design benefits us all therefore I will always be happy to chat about your project even in the very early conceptual stages by offering you honest and direct advice.

Feel ready for an informal, obligation-free chat?

Head on over to my contact page and let's organise I time to discuss your ideas and goals for your project.

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About Kelly Martin

Creative, approachable, calm and professional – these are the words that best describe the way I work with my clients. I’m a registered architect and over the last 17 years in professional practice, I’ve absorbed the wisdom and knowledge of my mentors, honed my practical skills and shaped my own philosophy about architecture.

For me, architecture is for every day and everyone. It’s holistic in every sense of the word and I create clever spaces which not only tick all the pragmatic boxes, but are also a delight to experience because who doesn't want to wake up every day loving their home!


Sustainability in design is architecture 101 in my eyes, but what I also achieve through my work is building longevity by future-proofing and creating socially sustainable buildings. In essence, designing something that will not only work for you in varying capacities over time throughout different stages of your life but will also physically stand the test of time. Quality over quantity every time with practical yet elegant solutions.

Embarking on a building or renovation project can be a daunting experience but it can also be exciting, fun and relatively stress-free, that is of course if you have chosen to work with the right people. Creating timeless architecture, in use, not just style isn't an easy feat and takes a lot of skill, care and consideration which is why I dedicate so much time to each of my clients to achieve the best outcome.

What makes me unique as an architect?

Well for starters the name says it all. I want you to know that I’m not just the person behind the brand, but also the person you’ll deal with from initial enquiry through to your finished home. 

I offer unique, creative solutions tailored to you and your project while personally guiding you through the process from start to finish.

My approach revolves around your wants and needs, not my ego

I won’t tell you how much you need to spend or how to live. I also will not create an environment where you’re too intimidated to speak up about what you really want to see in the design or financially commit to. It’s a collaboration between you and me from start to finish and any designer that tells you otherwise is only thinking about themselves, or they’re too lazy to listen, or both. Fundamentally an architect's role should always be to give built shape and form to your hopes, needs, and desires. To put it simply, to help you create a home.


My architectural practice is client centric

Your project is as important to me as it is to you so I personally work on all aspects of the design and details with you because that’s how I achieve the best solution for your project.

I won’t palm you off to a junior staff member, not respond to your emails or dismiss your concerns.

I only take on projects I’m passionate about and only a small handful at a time, as I can spend up to a year or more on any one project, therefore it has to be a labour of love and not just a job. Even when I'm not working, my mind is still ticking over in the background sifting through different ideas for your project.  As a designer it's impossible to switch off, I get inspired by all sorts of things and it's not uncommon for me to send a client the odd text message after hours about an idea that's just popped into my head.

Your budget matters

Designing a home that you can’t afford is of no benefit to anyone, also I need to sleep peacefully at night. This is why I incorporate the services of an independent construction cost estimator throughout the various stages of the design and documentation.

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It’s all or nothing

Creating unforgettable architecture is a complex process which is why I only offer a full architectural service. This process setups up the framework for a successful outcome for both you and me. You – because you’re getting the full experience of what an architect can offer you and your project, and me – because I get to work with clients who want more than just a floor plan or themed façade. It’s also only through a comprehensive architectural service that I can guide you through the financial and aesthetic components that make up the journey to a complete home.

My process is designed to inform and educate

Many of my clients have never used an architect before and from my research, I discovered that there are two main causes of worry and indecision in deciding to embark on a new project with an architect:

  1. lack of control, and

  2. unknown costs, both for the build and professional fees.

To eliminate these unknowns, I educate and inform you about the project costs and my fees in the first instance along with a full rundown of what to expect throughout the process.

My design approach is also very approachable! Working with me, you'll be included and encouraged to be part of the process and I'll always be happy to hear your feedback.

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